Interludes and Descants

Sometimes all you really want for a musical number is for a descant (or obbligato) on one verse, or for a brief musical interlude between verses. That’s what this page is for!

Come, Follow Me (Descant)

I made this for our Primary Program for 2015. It’s a flute descant to go along with the song for the last verse to give it some extra umph and show off our children’s talents! I also wrote out the soprano and alto staffs of the song for two of the children who play violin. You can see the combined version in Religious Arrangements to see how that turned out! But for just a descant, this is the place.

Download the Sheet Music as PDF:

Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice¬†(Interlude)

I created this as a way to make a musical break between verses 3 and 4 of the song so that I could turn to bring in the congregation for the last verse.

Download the Sheet Music as PDF:


Every Star Is Different (Descant)

Quick disclaimer–although the entire descant is written here, I ONLY wrote the descant part that goes with the chorus. The rest of it (for the verses) is the same descant from the Children’s Songbook. I just wanted everyone to be aware of that. I have a violinist who is playing the descant for us when we sing this with the Primary kids along with my choral arrangement, and she felt weird just stopping at the chorus, so I wrote an additional descant that moves along into the chorus. The sound file isn’t exactly accurate, as my music composition software apparently doesn’t honor DC al Fine in its midi playback and also doesn’t follow my first/second ending brackets, so, just use your imagination! (Update 5/1/2015) Also, I’ve been informed that I put a wrong note in there somewhere. I haven’t fixed that yet. It sounds good, but I just thought I’d clarify that it is slightly different from the Children’s Songbook. At least until I fix it!

Download the Sheet Music as PDF:


For the Beauty of the Earth (Descant)

We used this on the last verse as a flute descant along with our ward choir, and it was so beautiful! It could also be used as a soprano (1st and 2nd soprano) descant. It’s so high that you really only need one or two people on it–it’ll carry very well over the rest of the choir.

Download the Sheet Music as PDF:

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