Additional Resources

If you want to look at additional resources for LDS and Christian sheet music, try some of these websites below:

And don’t forget to check out the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website ( for printable and transposable hymns, children’s songs, and the rest of the music library available from the church.

Still not finding what you’d like? There are plenty of other resources I haven’t mentioned. The above list is not by any means comprehensive! Try doing a google search for other free sheet music providers, or consider going to a website where they sell music.  Deseret Book has some good options that you’ll enjoy! Also, try Mark Mitchell Music or Latter Day Arrangements, both of which are good paid options, although the latter seems to be a bit more cost-effective.

If you still just can’t find the right fit, why don’t you try your hand at writing something yourself? You can use Finale NotePad for free for very simple compositions and arrangements. You could also try Noteworthy or Noteflight to make your own music come to life.


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