Archive | February 2015

Humbled and Proud

Holy cow… I set up a website! I’m both humbled and proud at what I’ve accomplished to come this far. What started out as occasional tinkering became something more concrete as I decided to make the purchase the Finale PrintMusic program to better serve in my church calling. And through the purchase of a PDF converter and the painstaking process of setting up here on WordPress, I’ve been able to make my music available to all of you.

It’s amazing to see an idea come to life (it’s also really frustrating, especially with two toddlers and two pre-school age kids running around me and “helping” me play the piano) and I’m so humbled to have this gift from the Lord. I’m hoping that this music can reach out to the people who need it the most, and that’s all I can really ask for.

Welcome to Joyful Noises!

I love music. Plain and simple. I go around singing randomly and always have an idea for an arrangement or composition. Finding time isn’t always easy, but when I have it, I love creating music to share with others.

I’m the choir director for my ward and found myself without much of a budget, so I began regularly creating arrangements for us to use in our sacrament services. After a while I’d stacked up a few different arrangements and thought that I should set up a way to share my music with others.

I’m new to website creation, but I think this will be a great experience and I look forward to ways to make life more joyful and less stressed by making music available (FOR FREE!) to all who want to sing along. So whether you’re directing a choir, looking for a nice arrangement to sing for a religious service, or want something nice to play on piano, I hope you can find something worthwhile in my work.